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Who are we?

Simetrycal is a Technology Based Enterprise (TBE), which spun-off of ETSI´s (Higher School of Engineering) Andalusian Centre of Metrology (CAM) of the University of Seville in 2010. This allowed us to offer a more holistic, agile and dynamic service. Our structure permits a more flexible service, both in response time and finding the most appropriate way to meet calibration needs through metrological services or other solutions.

The main laboratory is located in Seville, which provides services in 13 technical fields (dimensional, force, hardness, pressure and vacuum, torque, electricity, temperature and humidity, testing, chemistry, flow, time, dimensional verification and machine tooling verification). Simetrycal is also present in Madrid, Barcelona and Casablanca (Morocco).

Simetrycal´s main goal is the calibration of measurement equipments. We provide general metrology services, including management, RDI, and services to the industry, research centers, and laboratories. The company also aims to empower research, technological development, and innovation in industrial metrology by collaborating with the Andalusian Center of Metrology (CAM – Centro Andaluz de Metrología in Spanish) and companies requiring calibrations.


What do we do? Simetrycal´s main activities include the calibration of equipment and inspection systems, measurement and testing, and the verification or testing of systems and equipment that require strict control of working conditions.

We provide services in our laboratory and client´s facilities. We collaborate with other laboratories in order to meet a wide range of calibration needs. Additionally, we offer quality metrology services, consulting services and metrology training personalized to the necessities of clients. The main value of these services is based on:

  • A flexible response
  • Quality guarantee of the provided service
  • Staff’s technical capacities

Our services are always oriented to the specific needs of the clients, offering personalized services.


Generate integral solutions of high added value in metrology: verification, testing, calibration, RDI, training, and consulting services.



Being the standard in the field of metrology through strong problem solving, optimisation, automation, training, and consulting abilities. We base our management in our knowledge and experience.


Commitment to our clients through aiming to meet their needs in an effective, quick, and flexible way. We embrace the values of precision, efficiency and quality.