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General Metrological Management

Simetrycal offers clients a personalised metrological system aimed to meet their specific needs. Simetrycal also facilitates the management of client´s equipment inventory. Due to this, we guarantee that instruments will always be used between the calibration intervals for the proper use.

We have software at the disposal of our clients to improve their management. This software has been developed by Simetrycal, and it allows clients, at any time and place, to carry out the following actions:

  • Storage and addition of data for the control and metrological control of client’s instruments and facilities.
  • Assess the current state and past calibrations of the client’s instruments.
  • Download electronic-format certificates and reports.

Additionally, our metrologal management service includes activities such as:

  • Elaboration and management of calibration plans (inventory and registry of equipments, calibration plans, intervals, etc.)
  • Collection and return of calibrated instruments from client’s facility.
  • Calibration and management of equipment along with collaborative laboratories.
  • Equipment’s suitability assessment: measurement equipment’s metrological characteristics, and verify their metrological requirements.
  • Creation of calibration documents: certificates, registries, files, etc.
  • Creation of verification and measurement processes.
  • Assessment and update of results in client’s computer systems.
  • Technical assistance on aspects such as equipments suitability for specific processes, acceptance or rejection criteria establishment, calibration intervals, etc.
  • Support before audits.