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Simetrycal utilizes qualified staff and resources to perform metrological research, development and innovation projects, with a clear industrial orientation. Their objective is to meet the current demands in the metrology, calibration and testing fields from companies from different sectors. Through this, we increase the quality of our clients’ products and services, creating a competitive advantage in the market. RDI and technological improvement activities are carried out in collaboration with the University of Seville. We use our combined potential to maximize our success with developing of the above-mentioned projects. Principally, this activities are developed in the following lines of work:

  • Structural integrity: fatigue and fracture
  • Tension and deformation analysis
  • Productivity improvement and optimisation of calibration processes
  • Improvement and development of industrial processes and measurement systems
  • Equipments and facilities characterisation
  • New measurement systems design
  • Tolerance and uncertainty analysis
  • Metrological control systems development for facilities and industrial processes
  • Study, research and development of new processes and calibration systems