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Calibration, verification and testing

Simetrycal offers services of calibration, verification, and testing to the industry, laboratories, and research centers.

We guarantee the fulfillment of the quality and safety requirements of your products.

Consulting, training and outsourcing

We advise companies on their quality plans regarding metrology.

We provide training plans in metrology and continuous training for professionals within the sector.


Research, development and innovation

We develop projects with high-value technology and clear industrial application with the purpose of improving the quality and competitiveness of the enterprises.

We collaborate with the University of Seville, seizing its potential and putting it at the disposal of the industry.


Integral metrology management

Simetrycal offers an integral metrology management service, guaranteeing the right use of the instruments, verifying the adaptation of these, and ensuring that calibrations are made in time and by the right institutions.

We guarantee the response of quality metrology management before external audits.

Quality is not found along the path, it is the path.